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This needle-felted and machine-stitched piece utilizes an abstraction of color and handwriting to communicate important ideas in the current geopolitical climate. These phrases— “freedom” “power” “safety” and “sanity”— are a modern retelling of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The artist employs a variety of techniques to make these words stand out. The bright colors and hints of white contrast sharply against the plain black background. The use of fiber and felting techniques create depth and physical texture within the piece. Curvilinear shapes and elongated sections of handwriting draw the eye in. These methods help to emphasize the importance of these words. The overall effect is bold and jarring, causing the onlooker to pause and reflect upon the state of the world as they gaze upon this piece of art.

Stitched Serenity

SKU: 2024-RLW-FA-01f
  • 12"x10"

  • Fiber Art: needle felting and machine & hand-stitching. Upcycled wool felt, wool roving, acrylic felt, hand stitching, machine stitching, Needle felted with the words: "freedom, safety, power, sanity". Framed in Black.

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