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About Rebecca

Artist Statement

My artistic practice is fueled by a deep passion for the natural world and a desire to invite viewers into a tactile and immersive experience. I am Rebecca Wachtman, and my art is a testament to the splendor found in nature, presented through a diverse range of mediums, techniques, and styles. 
As a Protean Artist, I resist confining myself to a singular style or technique. Instead, I revel in the freedom to explore different avenues of expression. Fabrics, papers, layers of paints and inks, and found objects all find their way into my creative process, resulting in vibrant and evocative works of art.

My art is not merely decorative; it invites engagement and interaction. Each piece beckons the viewer to come closer, almost encouraging them to touch and feel the work firsthand. It is in this physical connection that the true magic unfolds. As viewers step in to examine the finer details, they discover the hidden intricacies that lie within. They uncover a multitude of textures, uncovering hidden marks, traces of the past, and glimpses of the mesmerizing beauty that resides within the natural world, often hidden in plain sight.

In the current artistic landscape, my art holds immense relevance and importance. It serves as a vessel for connecting the observer to the captivating textures and hidden wonders of the world around us. By offering an experience that goes beyond mere visual exploration, my works transcend the boundaries of traditional art and bring the viewer into a realm where all senses can engage.

In conclusion, my art is an invitation – an open door to a world of captivating textures and hidden beauty. It is an expression of reverence for the natural world, manifesting through a versatile range of mediums and techniques. With each piece, I strive to inspire a profound connection to the splendor surrounding us, encouraging viewers to not only observe but also to engage in the tactile exploration of their own senses.

Rebecca's Biography

A self-described “late bloomer”, Rebecca started her artistic journey well into adulthood.  Her first foray into artmaking occurred in her 40’s when she was first introduced to silk painting at a retreat.  She was enthralled by the flow of dyes through the fabric and immediately began experimenting with silk painting techniques.  She discovered that she could merge her new-found love of painting on silk with her love of recycling, thus beginning her artist career.  

Rebecca was thrilled (and more than a little surprised), when the first time she entered a call for art, it resulted in an Honorable Mention Award.

Rebecca ( was born in Spokane, Washington in 1965 and spent most of her young life growing up in the Puget Sound region of Washington State where she still resides.  Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca a great love of the natural world and her biology-based college education (Associates of Arts & Sciences - Bellevue College, and Bachelor of Science – Central Washington University) strongly encouraged her to take a closer look at the flora and fauna around her. Rebecca frequently visits the wilderness areas of the greater PNW, documenting her observations via photography, drawings, and paintings.  Rebecca then uses her own catalog of observations to influence and inspire her artistic choices.

By her own admission, Rebecca enjoys being a life-long learner.  Her artistic style continues to evolve as she encourages her limitless curiosity to provoke her into trying new classes, mediums, and techniques.  Rebecca feels that titling herself as a Silk Painter or Acrylic Artist is too limiting and this prompted her to find a different way of explaining her art.  She feels that adding the moniker “Protean” to the title of “Artist”, better explains how her art practice encompasses a wide variety of mediums, techniques, and styles.   For example, when painting on silk or in watercolor, she tends to prefer a contemporary, more-realistic look, while working in acrylics or fiber, her art often becomes much more whimsical or abstract.  It should be noted that much of her works contain a textural component almost encouraging the viewer to touch them.

Rebecca has taught silk painting, mixed media/collage, and a variety of other fiber art classes.  Additionally, she has demonstrated various mediums and techniques at Seattle Folklife Festival and various art retreats. 


Rebecca has found that she delights in encouraging people of all ages to explore their own creativity.  She believes that it’s never too late to try a new, creative endeavor!  

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