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She Stoops to Conquer is a mixed-media artwork composed of various textures and elements. At first glance, this piece exudes a sense of vintage charm and layered complexity, while hopefully evoking thoughts of upcycling with purpose.


The background features a faded and aged document from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The printed text, partially visible, adds an authentic historical context to the piece. Affixed to this paper is a piece of a purple-maroon a spine of an old bank book which hides a secret pocket. Sticking out of the pocket is a section of vintage card, complete with a label titled "She Stoops To Conquer" in a typewriter font. The card invites the viewer to pull it out to view the hidden messages.


The centerpiece of the artwork is a textured, painted area with three large, detailed flowers with pronounced stamens highlighted in yellow-golden tones that convey a tactile and visually rich sensation. The flowers, stand out against a mottled pink and white background with light script-like writing, creating an impression of depth and intimacy, as if they are pressed flowers in an old journal.


At the bottom, a variety of textured materials are assembled: a strip of brown woven burlap overlaid with delicate lace, adding a feminine and soft contrast to the coarser materials. A single round fabric element, resembling a button, anchors the composition at the lower right corner.


The mix of materials such as lace, fabric, paint, and printed historical documents gives the artwork a tactile quality, inviting the viewer to envision the layers of history and craftsmanship while inviting further discovery via the messages contained on the pull-out card. 

She Stoops To Conquer

  • 11"x11"

  • Mixed Media/Collage:  watercolor paper, collage papers, gelli print, various recycled fibers, hand beading, acrylic paints, acrylic inks, Stabilo-all pencil, Faber-Castell pitt pen, matte medium. Framed in Black. Can also be purchased unframed.

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