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The artwork depicted in the image is a landscape painting in a realistic style. The composition features a series of layers that create a sense of depth. In the foreground, there's a textured representation of a body of water with warm hues of orange, yellow and pale pink, suggesting a setting sun. There is some sense of movement captured in the waves, with lines and shadows potentially indicating ripples or undulations in the water. two small salboat figures which are simply rendered in white and casting shadows or reflections on the water. The water reflects the warm tones of the sky above, merging seamlessly with water foreground. The painting is framed within a black border which intensifies the colors within the artwork, drawing the viewer's focus to the warm and cool color contrasts and the tranquil yet layered scene. The overall impression is of a serene, possibly twilight moment captured in a desolate but beautiful natural setting.


This was initially a painting on silk, which was then decoupaged onto a canvas.  There it was refined with acrylic paints, acyrlic inks, and a bit of watercolor crayon to add highlights and final details.

Sailing Through Sunset

  • 14"x11"

  • Silk Painting/Mixed Media: reclaimed silk fabric, Jacquard dyes, matte medium, acrylic paint, acrylic inks, and watercolor crayons. Mounted onto canvas with matte medium.

    Options: Framed or Unframed

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