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The artwork features a large, vibrantly colored flower, predominantly in shades of purple with yellow accents near the center. The petals exhibit a soft gradient of color, transitioning from deep purple at the edges to a lighter hue as they approach the middle. The central part of the flower shows detailed yellow striations that converge into a concentrated area, surrounded by a white and green space, suggesting depth and a focal point like the flower's reproductive parts.


The green leaves are visible behind the purple petals, adding a contrast to the color palette and making the purple and yellow tones appear more vivid. The background is a varied light blue which complements the purple and green, providing a tranquil backdrop that does not distract from the main subject. The painting style employs soft blending techniques, giving the colors a harmonious transition and a somewhat realistic depiction of the flower. To acknowledge the importance of recyling, the edges of the silk painting contain the genuine hems of the shirt thrifted for it's silk.

Pansy Perfection

SKU: 2024-RLW-SP-09
  • 6"x6"

  • Silk Painting/Mixed Media: recycled silk fabric, Jacquard dyes, acyrlic paints, acrylic inks,  Mounted on canvas with matte medium. Unframed.

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