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Collaged with vintage book pages and music sheets.  The artwork extends around the sides of the gallery-edged cradleboard. This artwork features a prominent , Himalayan blue poppy. Set against a pale background that includes textual elements, such as script and sheet music. The flower has rich, striking blue petals with visible texture. The center of the flower consists of a cluster of yellow dots, indicative of the stamen. A green stem and single green leaf attach to the bloom, contrasting with the blue petals. There's use of pink and green washes which add a soft touch of color to the otherwise neutral palette of the background, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the piece.

Love That Blue

SKU: 2024-RLW-MM-02
  • 5"x5"x1"

  • Mixed Media/Collage: collage papers, matte medium, acrylic gesso, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, Stabilo-all pencil,gallery-depth cradleboard.

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