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The artwork displayed is a mixed media piece, segmented into panels in a grid-style layout, with each main panel displaying a unique background and central image of a flower. The top left panel features a collage-like quality with sheets of paper, text, and musical scores, over which a single faded blue flower, gently displaying the back of a poppy, is centrally illustrated. The words "Where  Blue Begins" are prominently visible at the top. The top right panel showcases a stylized pattern of leaves against a coral pink background, with the title "Himalayan Blue Poppy" written in a loose script. 


The bottom half of the artwork continues the grid-style layout. The bottom left displays a single, larger representation of the faded blue flower, again set against a backdrop of text and music imagery. The bottom right panel continues with the coral pink hue, featuring another view of the blue flower.


 The use of subdued colors and overlays suggests a theme of memory or nostalgia, and the piece seems to blend botanical illustration with elements of vintage paper artifacts. The entirety is framed in a simple black frame that encloses the artwork.  The piece is titled "Himalayan Blue Poppy" in prominent lettering towards the bottom center. It blends artistic expression with a diagrammatic presentation, crafting an aesthetically pleasing tribute to the delicate beauty of the Himalayan Blue Poppy.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

  • 12"x16"

  • Mixed Media/Collage: cotton canvas, gesso, collage papers, matte medium, stabile-all pencil, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, vintage lace. Options include Unframed or Framed in Black

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