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The artwork depicts a close-up view of a single blooming rose with a rich gradation of color. The rose is large and takes up the majority of the canvas, showing detailed, velvety petals in shades of deep pink and crimson with subtle highlights that give it a lush and three-dimensional appearance.


This piece was created using upcycled silk garnered from a thrifted silk shirt. Painting on upcycled or recycled silk is more challenging that silk that is prepared for dyes because recycled silks have been treated to help prevent staining which makes it hard for dyes to attach when painting upon the silk.  This silk painting has been mounted using matte medium, onto a recycled, gallery-wrapped canvas and you can see faint symbols from the original canvas showing through the silk.  I love that both the canvas and the silk used items which have been upcycled into a new, beautiful art piece.  Additionally, once the silk was mounted onto the canvas, I used watercolor crayons as well as acrylic paints and inks to enhance it and add a few additional details.

A Rose Arisen

SKU: 2024-RLW-SP-06
  • 12"x12" on gallery-wrap canvas

  • Silk Painting: recycled silk, recycled canvas, Jacquard dyes, Resistad, matte medium, acrylic paint, acyrliciInks, Neocolor II crayons

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