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Handmade Art Journals

In the process of learning how to work with Acrylics and Collage, I discovered I rather enjoy making my own Art Journals.  I love making my own Art Journals out of 140lb watercolor paper and you may see one or two here occasionally. 


But my favorite thing to make (and to journal in) is what are referred to as Junk Journals.  Junk Journals are made from any papers you feel would be fun to include.  Papers I have used in my journals include (but are not limited to): Watercolor Paper, Mixed Media Paper, Vintage Book Paper, Vintage Sheet Music, Paper Grocery Bags, Blank Newsprint, Paper Placemats, Handmade Paper, Wrapping Paper, Drawing Paper, Paper Doilies, and even Tissue Paper*).  

*It should be noted, that if you choose to use different papers in your journal, you may want to use Gesso, Matte Medium, Watercolor Ground, or some other Medium to treat the paper/page before using the paper to paint or draw upon (otherwise the paper may be too thin and could be ruined when you attempt to create on it).

I have even created Inspiration Journals out of fabrics, lace, and vintage papers (they are too pretty to refer to as Junk Journals). 

I hope you enjoy looking at my journals!  If you are interested in purchasing a journal, many are available for sale, but I also make custom journals.  Please send me a message through my contact page and I will be happy to talk with you about creating a special journal just for you!

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