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The image shows a colorful and textured painting of a blooming meadow. The sky, portrayed in pastel hues of blue and light peach, provides a serene backdrop to an array of vibrant wildflowers and plants. There are several species of flowers painted in varying shades of pinks, purples, yellows, and blues, each with discernible individual petals and stems. Some of the flowers stand out with a three-dimensional appearance, providing a tactile sense to the artwork. The plants are depicted with different heights and textures, suggesting a diverse and natural field. A solitary butterfly, with wings outstretched, adds a dynamic element to the composition.


Recycled Meadow Reverie is painted on recycled silk (reclaimed from a silk shirt).  It was painted with silk dyes without resists or guttas and in the Sistek (or Stop-Flow) method.


This painting is framed in a simple dark-grey frame, which gives a neat border to the lush imagery it encases.  However, you can purchase it unframed if you like.

Recycled Meadow Reverie

  • 12"x9"

  • Silk Painting: Recycled Silk, Jacquard Dyes, Mounted onto Canvas using Matte Medium, Acrylic Paints used for a few small finishing details

    Framed in recycled dark grey frame, or available unframed

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